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Halal certification application form for products CRAF-1.1

World Halal Trust guarantees that all the information provided in this Application Form will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties without the prior written confirmation from the Applicant.

    Legal entity information
    Contact details
    Registered office address
    Residental address (if different)
    Production site address (if different)
    Contact person
    Information about the organization
    Production facility spaces
    Available certificates (management systems, quality, etc.)
    Information on products to be certified
    Certification standard (Any or all standards can be chosen based on the need) *
    List of products to be Halal certified
    We hereby confirm that our Company’s products, stated in this Halal Certification Application Form, are made WITHOUT the usage of any raw materials, ingredients, constituents or flavorings that contain any intoxicants, including alcohol/ethanol and pork or pork derivatives. Hereby we also confirm, that in our Company’s production site the risk of cross contamination with alcohol and/or its derivatives as well as pork and/or its derivatives is completely eliminated. We confirm that from the date of Halal Certification Application Form submission no changes will be made to the products, their ingredients/raw materials and/or production process stated in the Halal Certification Application form without the prior written permission from World Halal Trust.
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    By submitting this application form, we confirm that all the information provided in this form is genuine and up-to date *